Fishing Details

Fishing is permitted between 8.00 am. and 1 hour after dusk.

There are two natural lakes, large lake with beautiful small island, 27 acres, wild brown trout only. Fly spin or worm.

Large Lake - Fly spin or worm      Small Lake - Fly only

Small lake, 13 acres, regularly stocked with blue & rainbow trout, plus a good head of wild brownies. Fly only.

Boat available at times
(Booking advisable)

If no reply at Farmhouse you are allowed to start fishing, fees will be collected later by the Bailiff on lake side.

  Day Evening Under 14's
Large Lake £15 £8 £5
Bag Limit 2 Brace 1 Brace
Small Lake £24 £14 £14
Bag Limit 2 Brace 1 Brace
Boat £10

National Environment Agency Rod Licence is required, available at Post Offices.

(01341) 250468 / 426 or 07854 139766
   Ffridd Boedel Farm Arthog, Gwynedd, North Wales LL39 1LJ

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